Friday, January 22, 2016

All Lives Matter

All lives do matter © 2015
Arelia Johnson
This is probably the most unpopular and controversial thing I have ever attempted to write; but, I am willing to withstand criticism for the sake of truth. It is not without merit that Black people in America feel, think, and believe that their opinions, livelihoods, existence, and voices are not heard nor understood. It is a fact that America is built on the free and very cheap labor of people defined as a minority and that systemically these people have be subjected to racism and the violence of nonsymmetrical power. The truth stands that people in America live in a nation that profits from two groups: the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. These profits are reflective in legislation, corporate bailouts, Enron, and the housing market crash of 2008. The fact is: we live in a society that is a white supremacist patriarchal homophobic hegemony. This infrastructure supports very few and exploits the many. But, if you look at the people who “founded” this nation, you will have a better understanding of why ideologies are the way they are. Although, they do not have to continue the way they have been.
It was not in the interest of these men- who owned their women, children, and other people- to create legislation that included them. It was not in the interest of these conquerors to befriend or understand the indigenous people that already occupied this land. Nor was it in these men’s interest to think of anything else besides power and money when “building” this nation. To be honest with you, they could have given two fucks about anything outside of property and profits. You have to remember, the colonists had to borrow money to make America America and somehow they had to pay that money back. If you look at the current culture of this capitalistic society, you will see that not much has changed. Old money is still making money from the free and very cheap labor of others –and all those lives matter.
Black people, I am telling you that you need to make alliances and allegiances with people who are being exploited, manipulated, and comodified just as you are. Hate only begets hate. And bigotry has no face but does have the ability to destroy us all. For example, if you look at the life’s work of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and really examine his principles, you will see a man who was not a passivist, nor a coward, nor a co –conspirator with white America. You will see a man whose strategy, although unpopular to some, was unique and multidimensional. Dr. King was not just a proprietor of nonviolence and civil disobedience, he was drum major for justice- whose actions were rooted in love. Stop making this man a romanticized-one dimensional-character to fit your limited perspective. Stop missing the fucking point!
His life, his sacrifices, his martyrdom was not so we (Americans) could argue about hashtags, or approaches, or the lack there of. This man gave his life, much like Malcom and Medgar, because he loved people- all people- because all lives do matter. Black Lives Matter. White Lives Matter. Brown Lives Matter. Yellow Lives Matter. Grey Lives Matter. Red Lives Matter. Homosexual Lives Matter. Poor Lives Matter. Single Lives Matter. Christian Lives Matter. Muslim Lives Matter. This pseudo bullshit about a hashtag is nothing more than a distraction from the point. You are an American. Stop acting as if you are not entitled to the rights and privileges of being an American. You live in one of the most powerful nations, if not the most powerful nation, on earth. So, why in the hell are we not ALL walking in our power- rooted in a spirit of love and understanding? What has happened to every person in this nation is that we have all been bamboozled and subjected to conditioning and behavior modification. WE have been fooled to believe, that because of cultural nuances, varying demographics in neighborhoods, and social standings, that we are different. That is the greatest trick that has been played on a society thus far. Just think about this rationally, and put your emotions to the side.
What would happened, if we actually took back our power, walked, and stood in it? Solidarity amongst the exploited could be a reality. Bullshit legislation would be thrown out. Education could be reformed. And policies against homosexual and single mothers would never make it to the floor. And please do not insult my words by calling them idealistic. This thought, these words, can be a reality if we stopped long enough to realize that our judgments and our own forms of oppression are still intact.